A farm in the Wimmera

Recently I was privileged to visit a couple of farm operations in the Wimmera. Coming from Germany I always wanted to know a little more about the buzz of a shearing shed and it’s occupants. Thanks to everyone having me and letting me invading your space….we all had soooo much fun.

Ohhhh…..what a feeling

Oh yeah, I am in the Nicholas Building now, and what a gem it is….and it has history….how unaustralian - just joking.  

Completed in 1926, now listed by the National Trust and also heritage listed, the buildings original owners (the Nicholas brothers) built it not for their own company that reinvented aspirin – instead they saw it as a development….for offices. The building was home to businesses associated with the Flinders Lane garment trade, commercial artists, medical practitioners and architects. Nowadays the building is occupied by artist studios, jewellers, sheomakes, designers and heaps of other creatives – just like me.

It is a very inspiring structure to work in and while I still try to set myself up I took some time to explore it.

Such a bohemian style building. Will have to find the right fashion to do a location shoot with you….